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Only The Good Die Young

Pretty Good At Drinking Beer || Quick

Puck hopped up the front steps to his house and unlocked the front door. He quickly ran to the kitchen and grabbed the twelve pack of beer he had hidden in the fridge. He was thinking about going out, but once he found out that Quinn was staying in and drinking, he decided he would probably have more fun with his girlfriend. Puck jogged up the stairs and opened the door to his room. Dropping his gym bag on the floor, Puck walked over to Quinn and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. “Hey, you. How was your day?” Puck collapsed on his bed and cracked open his first beer.

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    "Wait what about my Puck-up truck?" Puck pouted while dancing. Drunkenly busting a move might be one of his favorite...
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    "You, me and my volkswagen," she found herself laughing at the image. She raised an eyebrow at Puck as he struggled to...